So what makes B-People different?

Many businesses claim to be different but we really are…

Client & Domain Expertise

B-People is small and highly focused, so every customer really matters to us...

Many of our clients are in Technology, Media and Advanced Manufacturing but we help organisations in all sectors being dramatically reshaped by the digital and data revolution. These include Retail, FMCG, Finance, Professional services and many more.

We have an exemplary track record in recruiting HR, Marketing, Commercial, Technology and Operations leaders, but we are firm believers that our nuanced approach to search can deliver outstanding results across most professional domains.

Our particular expertise revolves around understanding the key challenges confronting client organisations facing into the digital storm, which we harness to identify and attract great leaders and other high potential candidates from diverse talent pools.

Fit & Candidate Care

Everybody talks about cultural fit but B-People pays very special attention to it. In fact, it’s a point of significant differentiation that our clients and candidates have come to rely on us for.

Having built a better brief, we focus on finding HR, Marketing, Commercial and ESG Professionals whose expertise, aspirations and mindset most closely match both the specific role and culture of the client. We know that success is best achieved by connecting clients and candidates with a shared sense of purpose and values.

Unless our clients ask us to prioritise a specific industry background, we take a deliberately broad view of previous sector experience. This allows us to think more creatively about finding the best match, which we find critical to maximising shortlist diversity.

Lean / Agile Search

We know clients are happy to pay for things that matter, but not for things that don’t!

So we build short punchy briefs focusing on the critical (and often nuanced) requirements of the role, we run an ongoing dialogue with candidates and clients instead of waiting for pre-arranged meetings, and we only provide shortlists of genuinely engaged candidates (typically three or four of them) providing good options with great time-efficiency for our clients.

In summary we operate agile, iterative inclusive search, not a waterfall process or a traditional shortlist. Typically, this also means our fee is less than clients are accustomed to paying.

Our clients love this because it’s faster, more effective and great value.

Shared Risk

We know that our customers always have a choice, and we like to be judged on our exceptional results.

For this reason, we think it fair that most of our fee is contingent on success – so we run a small retainer on assignments, with the majority of our fee only paid on appointment.

We don’t charge mid-assignment fees for presenting a shortlist or simply reaching a notional halfway point, as we recognise that finding the right candidate sometimes happens quickly, but can sometimes take a little longer – particularly when diversity is a critical consideration.

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