B-People Development Programmes

Blending Performance Science with proven Best Practice to produce fresh new interventions…


Helping leaders first to self-optimise and then to skilfully inspire world-class Followership.

Manager Development

Elevating Manager NPS by developing ‘critical conversation’ skills amongst managers.

Learner Acceleration

Immediately increasing learning speed (and hence potential) in ANY committed individual.

Leadership 4.0 Programme

A world-class development programme for Senior Executives: Leadership 4.0 fuses the very latest thinking on leadership effectiveness from Elite Sport, Academia and ‘Fast’ Companies into a series of practical compelling frameworks that participants can easily deploy on an ongoing basis. The objective of this programme is to develop the most enlightened, engaging and effective Leaders in the world, achieving the highest levels of Followership.

Leadership 4.0 Coaching

Using our own SELF-Optimisation framework, we coach individual Leaders to define their own compelling career mission, direct their own energy effectively, and accelerate their own development. The objective of this coaching is to maximise individual performance and potential. Once they are skilled navigators themselves, we also support leaders as they coach their own team members through a similar journey.

Manager 4.0 > Fast-start

A short programme for managers at any level, our Manager Fast-start programme focuses on just six critical conversations that managers must have with their teams, conducted with skill to build the foundations of great Followership. The objective of this programme is to help participants win the respect and advocacy of those who work for them, for all the right reasons, driving high performance in the process.

Learning Accelerator 4.0

A unique one-day programme developed by B-People to accelerate learning in any engaged individual, thereby fully unlocking their potential. Learning Agility is the trait that research shows most clearly defines potential, and we know how to develop it very quickly and easily. The objective of this programme is to equip participants with the insights and skill to accelerate their own learning in any situation.

Why We’re Different

We know clients our need flexibility so we tailor our content and delivery format to match how each client would like it delivered within their organisation.

All of our programmes are highly interactive and use participants’ real-life experiences, as opposed to simulated situations.

In addition to individual Coaching support, we offer small group coaching sessions for up to four participants, (which can be particularly cost effective) and our Development programmes can be customised to confidently support up to 60 simultaneous learners, physically and/or virtually, in short sprints or multi-day events.


The B-People Development Framework

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