A Different Route to HR Transformation

As with our Consulting offerings, we also come at HR Transformation from a different angle

We focus primarily on HR Approach, Service Structure and Resource Allocation instead of HR Systems, Processes and Role Definitions.

It’s a leaner approach to transformation but it can be a faster, more cost-effective, and less disruptive way of releasing significant extra value from your People/HR Organisation in four stages…

Refresh Your Approach

We partner with you to stand back from the work and then reconsider and reframe it in the context of:

Evidence, Analytics & Measurement

How are you using Insight and Evidence to inform decision making within your HR function? How can you move the function to a position where it systematically uses data and analytics to initiate, guide and evaluate the work?

Resource Allocation

Re-examine the HR resource-to-value equation, to help you put the right resource against the right things.

HR Storytelling

Build a culture of skilful storytelling, using great insights and proof-points, within your People/HR function - naturally inviting wider organisational engagement into your transformation.

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