B-People's Unique Consulting Service for ESG Strategy & Planning

Helping smaller & medium-sized organisations become more responsible businesses

At B-People we love helping organisations take their first steps towards being better, more responsible businesses...

The world is currently experiencing unprecedented change and the pressure is on for businesses to take decisive action across the relatively new domains of Environmental & Social sustainability and effective Governance (ESG).

The vast majority of successful organisations would love to improve their impacts in these areas - but the tricky first steps are knowing where to start and finding the resources to scope, plan and action these improvements.

Luckily, this is exactly where B-People can help…

With years of experience of building award-winning strategies for the likes of Sky and Ascential, Ralph Tribe and the B-People team can guide your journey towards a credible, practical and impactful ESG strategy – simplifying the overwhelming to create punchy differentiators and an exceptional level of internal buy-in.

Best of all, we help you do this both quickly and cost-effectively, with optional support for implementation and ongoing review once your ESG plan is active.

World-Class Clients in a Wide Range of Sectors

We’ve already helped some great companies to build effective ESG strategies in sectors such as Financial Services, Technology, Leisure & Travel, Enterprise Consulting, Media, Data Services and the Built Environment.

Our no-nonsense approach can be applied to a huge range of industries but we’ve developed a particular expertise in supporting IP-oriented service businesses with this kind of work.

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The Steps We Take

B-People’s unique methodology will:

1) Comprehensively benchmark your current situation against B Lab’s highly regarded BIA framework. As a certified B Corp ourselves, we favour this tool as we believe it offers the best ESG benchmarking data in the world

2) Collect and analyse just the right amount of relevant planning data, in conjunction with your various stakeholders

3) Synthesise insights from this analysis into a clear ESG ‘story’ that will be easily understood both internally and externally

4) Deliver a high impact, easy-to-engage-with proposal for both your ESG Plan and the appropriate implementation governance around it

5) Support you in launching the plan, making sure it adds significant ongoing value to your business

Enjoy The Trip

We always remind our clients that, with ESG, there’s nothing wrong with being at the start of your journey – because most companies are in a very similar position. The important thing is working out where you are now then developing an honest and communicable plan to be better.

Informed stakeholders don’t expect perfection yet... but they do want to see a realistic roadmap for the future.

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Long-Term Vision / Immediate Benefits

By implementing the plan that we develop with your team, you will be able to:

• Build upon your existing strengths, USPs and market position

• Demonstrate significant added value, quality and competitiveness from the plan

• Respond positively and confidently to any ESG-related enquiry or scrutiny from current or potential customers, investors or employees

B-People's consulting approach is Lean and Impact-oriented: constructed around highly effective but relatively ‘light-touch’ interventions. Our primary skill is unlocking the potential that resides within organisations and teams - so the focus of our consulting work will be self-enablement within your company, followed by ongoing client autonomy.


Like to find out how B-People can support your aspirations to become a more responsible business?

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