Effective Engagement Ecosystems

Key components for optimising employee engagement

To underpin our Consulting and HR Transformation services, B-People also provide advice and assistance on the development of an effective Engagement Ecosystem, integrating components such as:

Employee Voice for Boards

A framework developed specifically for PLC and PE Boards looking to optimise their Employee Voice contribution and oversight.

We help Boards take an appropriate approach to covering the key Voice areas they need to be across eg. Purpose, Progression, Empowerment, Fairness, Inclusion and Wellbeing with the objective of helpfully informing and supporting the business, but not getting in the way of it.

Engagement Effectiveness

Engagement relies upon many things coming together well. We help organisations build integrated Engagement Strategies and support them with Engagement Survey Selection, Communication, Output Interpretation & Action Planning.

Corporate Purpose & Values Frameworks

Designed to unite and connect, we help ensure these frameworks are authentic, sincere and compelling, ideally with no corporate-speak.

Learning Ecosystems

A genuine Learning Organisation is a rare thing, so we help organisations build the ecosystems that make it a reality. Specific initiatives might include:

Academy Development & Set-up, establishing Leader and Internal-Expert Led Learning systems and enterprise wide Career Development frameworks.

Fairness & Inclusion Strategy

Attracting diverse talent is a great start, but you really win when everything works fairly and everyone’s voice has influence. Working with our partner organisation Compelling Culture, we help build integrated Inclusion Strategies that do this, including:

Meritocracy Audits - to amplify those practices that promote a sense of meritocracy in your organisation, and remove those that undermine it, and

Fair Pay & Reward Systems - all the research says individual annual bonus schemes don’t work, so we help you examine the engaging alternatives.


The B-People Engagement Ecosystem Framework

Naturally blending the great work of Pink, Maslow, Csikszentmihalyi, Riechheld and others into our own unique framework…

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