Business as a Force for Good

Our mission is to operate as a force for good in Search, Leadership Development and People Consulting

Proud to be a part of the BCorp movement

B-People’s mission is to operate as a force for good in Search, Leadership Development and People Consulting. We also aim to make a broader Environmental and Social contribution to business and the wider community.

In addition to our founding principle of increasing diversity and equality in the workplace, we also have three specific initiatives that play key roles within our wider ESG strategy:


Partnership and direct support to the Environmental Business Network

Social Mobility & Inclusion

Partnership and direct pro-bono support to The Launchpad Collective

Business for Good

Direct pro-bono support to small BCorps and Social Enterprises seeking growth


We are pleased to have formed a partnership with the Environmental Business Network, the leading network for Environmental and Sustainability professionals in the UK.

We provide direct pro-bono support to the network in the form of career planning advice and training, which flows through to accelerating UK Plc’s environmental and sustainability ambitions.

Social Mobility & Inclusion

The Launchpad Collective (TLC) is a new Brighton-based initiative dedicated to supporting refugees into employment: a critical assimilation goal of this community. In addition to providing financial assistance, several members of the B-People team were instrumental in developing TLC’s offering and will be acting as employer-side advocates and advisors as the initiative grows.

We see huge Diversity & Inclusion benefits for employers that engage with refugee communities and we are very excited about the potential here. B-People offer direct support to TLC on a fully pro-bono basis.

Business for Good

BCorp accreditation is quickly gaining recognition at the gold standard for responsible business and high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. Every year, B-People provides a proportion of its services to small BCorps, Charities and Social Enterprises on a pro-bono basis. We do this in the belief that if we can help these companies to grow, then everyone benefits.

Within its day-to-day operations, B-People provides the highest level of employee support, with an enlightened approach to flexible working and numerous benefits designed to maximise wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance. Whenever possible, we also strive to provide opportunities to young people from ethnically diverse or socially disadvantaged backgrounds via work experience and internships.

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