B-People Consulting & Advisory Services

Helping Boards, CEOs, Chief People Officers, Executives and People teams to lead great people-work

People Strategy

Developing progressive HR strategies that deliver genuine competitive advantage.

HR Transformation

Helping People teams break through their toughest challenges using radical innovation.

Engagement Ecosystems

Helping you drive Employee Purpose, Progression & Empowerment to the next level.

We come at Consulting a little differently, applying the following considerations to every project we undertake...

Combined Insights

We see our consulting assignments as a joint problem-solving endeavour, combining your insights with ours to create unique and easily operationalised solutions.

Competitive / Brand Differentiation

We take the view that difference generally drives more value in any market, rather than pure best practice.

Lean Innovation

We understand that constraint drives creativity and that test-and-learn drives great outcomes: cost-effectively, and fast.

Simplicity & User Centricity

We believe that if people really understand the work, they will embrace it. User-centric empathy helps to get things right first time.

Evidence, Analytics & Measurement

We recommend that no project starts without any data - and we must then be guided by it throughout the journey, to avoid getting lost.

Neat Frameworks

We work with you to package the work into neat practical Frameworks that are repeatable, fully scalable, and yours to keep.

C-Suite Ready

We know this approach resonates and wins support at the most senior levels. It was inspired by some great CEOs!

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