People & ESG Strategy

Learn from the experience of world-class innovators

How can B-People help?

With direct experience of delivering successful people strategies at some of the world’s most innovative companies, here’s how we can help your teams to unlock their potential…

Competitively-differentiated People Strategies

Difference matters. The best companies know that their brands need to be distinct and compelling to stand out in a crowded market. We believe the same true of any People agenda. We help clients build People/HR Strategies that focus on doing a few things brilliantly and becoming known for it.

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Influencing Investors

Rarely explored by the HR community, investors and analysts use many people data-points to model and evaluate your organisation’s Human Capital (intangible) assets. Some are obvious but many are less so. These include leadership quality, scarce skill retention and many more. This process influences investor confidence and, through that, potentially share price. We’ve gathered a wealth of insights into this investment modelling over many years, and we now help clients to pull this understanding into more conscious HR planning.

M&A People Strategies

Within B-People we have experience of leading people due diligence and integration on more than 70 acquisitions around the world. What’s more, 90% of these acquisitions delivered or exceeded their investment case (typically it’s less than 40%). We help you do this well and do it right.

Talent Management Strategies

We help organisations do this a little differently. Most strategic Talent Management planning revolves around Supply (ie. who you’ve got) but we start with Demand (what you need) and work back from there - delivering a very different outcome. We use a proven alternative to the Performance/Potential 9-box grid, which delivers great results.

Great People Strategies for Smaller Companies

Being a smaller company doesn’t mean you can’t have an expansive vision for People in your organisation. We think the opposite. If you get things right from the start – at both the strategic and the operational levels – it helps you scale faster.

ESG Strategies

What’s this got to do with people? Well, actually quite a lot when you think about it! Increasingly critical to a more expansive sense of Purpose and increased employee engagement, we have a neat ESG planning framework that engages easily and helps to win buy-in.

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B Corp Accreditation Support

Having recently been through the B Corp application process ourselves, we help clients consider B Corp accreditation beyond their regular ESG planning.

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