An Ethical Approach to HR, Sales & Marketing Search & Recruitment

Helping CEOs, MDs and HR Directors to recruit the best HR, Sales & Marketing and Sustainability talent

B-People was founded to help CEOs, MDs and HR Directors to recruit the senior HR, Sales & Marketing and Sustainability talent their organisations need to succeed and thrive in an age of extreme technological and cultural change.

Having more than 60 years’ combined experience and a unique perspective on the on the HR, Sales, Marketing, CSR/ESG and ethical business sectors, B-People offers clients a smarter and more relevant recruitment service through a unique combination of:

Client & Domain Expertise

B-People is small and highly focused, so every single client is important.

Many of our clients operate in the Technology and Media industries but we also help organisations from other sectors that are being dramatically re-shaped by the digital revolution, including Retail, FMCG, Finance, Professional Services and many more. We also have a particular interest in working with B-Corps in any sector.

Our specific expertise revolves around understanding the key challenges that face client organisations in the digital storm: translating this into a bespoke, insight-driven search profile for every role we recruit.

We specialise exclusively in recruiting transformation-focused HR, Sales & Marketing and CSR/ESG talent, so nobody knows this market better.

Fit & Candidate Care

Everyone talks about cultural fit - but we pay very special attention to it. In fact, it’s a point of real differentiation that our clients rely upon us for.

Having built a better brief, we turn our attention to finding HR, Sales & Marketing and Sustainability candidates whose aspirations, expertise and mindset most closely match the specific role and the cultural values of the client. We know that success is achieved by connecting clients and candidates with shared purpose.

Unless our clients ask us to prioritise a specific industry background, we take a refreshingly broad view of previous sector experience. This allows us to think more creatively about finding the best match, to the benefit of both the client and the candidate. As a result, we get great references from both clients and candidates – and we want to keep it this way.

Lean Search

We know clients are happy to pay for things that matter, but not for things that don’t.

So we operate out of nice, eco-friendly offices in central London - but nothing ostentatious. We don’t write long search briefs rehashing what’s already on your corporate web-site... and we don’t build long lists of candidates who are not really engaged, just to show we are doing something!

Instead, we build short punchy briefs focusing on the critical - and often nuanced - requirements of the role. We run an ongoing dialogue with candidates and clients, instead of waiting for pre-arranged meetings, and we only provide short lists of genuinely engaged candidates (typically three or four of them) for good options with great time-efficiency for the client.

In summary, we operate agile, iterative, ethical search, not a traditional waterfall recruitment process.

Our clients like this because it’s faster, effective and better value for them. So typically our fee is between 20-25%, depending on complexity of the search, rather than the 30%+ you might be accustomed to paying.

Shared Risk

We know that our customers always have a choice, and we like to be judged on our exceptional results.

For this reason, we think it’s fair that the majority of our fee is contingent on success - so we run a very moderate retainer on assignments, with the majority of our fee paid only on appointment.

We don't charge mid-assignment fees for presenting a shortlist or simply reaching a notional halfway point, as we recognise that finding the right candidate sometimes happens quickly but can sometimes take a little longer – particularly where diversity is a critical consideration.

Building Community

Managing the People Agenda in any rapidly evolving industry is always a major challenge: being exciting and exhausting in equal measure. Whatever their specific situation, our clients and our candidates always find themselves needing to learn faster.

This is why we'll be running exclusive 'HR Reimagined' sessions throughout 2020, usually in the early evening. Delivered by world-class experts and focusing on critical people-related challenges for fast-moving businesses, these interactive workshops are completely free to clients and candidates.

The first of these takes place on London's South Bank on Wednesday 1st April 2020 (from 5.30-7.15pm), focusing on 'Purpose-Driven People Strategy' - so please get in touch if we haven't already invited you and you'd like to attend.

We gain a great deal from being involved in the dialogue, and we hope you will too.